Educational Technologist

KRR teachingI truly enjoy being part of a vibrant and ever-evolving school community. In my years in independent schools I have had the opportunity to build programs, to engage in thoughtful and thought-provoking conversations with various constituencies about educational technology, information and media literacy, emergent technologies and our ethical uses of these new tools and venues as it relates to a school’s core values. This is work that fulfills me and that I enjoy doing.

I believe eduction is the key to our evolution as a species.

I believe a well-rounded education includes the history of our global societies, a foundation in language, mathematical and scientific literacy, exploration into the development of one’s character and values, athletic and cultural exploration.

My evolution into an educational technologist grew from my belief that here in the midst of our global technological revolution we are in a transitional time in education like no other.  This drama plays out in our schools in the ongoing debate between providing public computing resources for student (labs) or providing one-to-one computing solutions. Is school a place or a process?

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In the world of presumed digital natives we hope to educate- by nurturing and developing critical thinking skills, a mastery of basic operational skills and credence to a growing canon of content, I believe that not using these resources and this vehicle- the information portal, the digital organizer, the portable ‘life book,’ that we are fighting the tide and in many instances we are loosing. Since the invention of mass media and information access devices that have taken up expected residence in our homes- commercial radio, network and now cable TV, personal computers, mobile access to the wealth and pitfalls of the internet- popular culture is winning versus traditional education in it’s influence of young people.

A well thought-out and strategically implemented information and media literacy curriculum in conjunction with an interdisciplinary core curricular model, I believe, is an integral part of a comprehensive education in today’s society. Moving forward in the evolution of humanity, information is the new currency, not just access but also comprehension, interpretation and the ability to apply these skills in an increasingly more intricate global dialogue.

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