Brown Girl Breathing Media was born out of my experience working in independent schools for 15+ years. My experience includes various roles in the independent school community- student, co-teacher, lower school teacher, Technology Coordinator, Director of Afterschool and Director of Academic Technology.

Throughout my work with students and families my core involvement has always included working with photography, video and emerging information technologies. In describing my history there is no new language that adequately conveys the evolution of the information technology continuum in the past two decades. Now we just call it all ‘technology’ or ‘media.’ I am here to help you manage your use, your decisions around use, your organization and management of your technology and media resources.

I am actively involved exploring the uses of educational technology resources:

  • to transform learning and our current educational practices to ‘school’ as a process as opposed to a place
  • as a tool for communication
  • as a tool in community building i.e. the power of digital storytelling to promote understanding and respect between and among us human beings
  • in the study and discussions of information/media literacy as it relates to identity politics, diversity/equity & justice initiatives

As a life-long photographer, theater director and lover of the visual and performing arts the collision of visual arts and how we share and access information has captivated my attention.

As an early participant in the internet, early blogger, digital photographer, and digital movie editor my media management skills are honed in best practice, practicality and scalability.

Working on website design and social media marketing with artists and small businesses is part of my ongoing and evolving explorations of identity, visual presentation in abstract context and how we choose to present ourselves.

The business of the internet has led to a great deal of marketing of ‘your personal brand’ and suggested a mandate for participation in social media. It can seem overwhelming. Here is where I can help.

How can I be of service?